Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Sugar Pine Railroad, Sonora, California USA

2.8 mi/4.5 km
Sonora Pass is located near Pinecrest, Tuolumne County, California, USA. It is off of Highway about 60 mi/96.5 km east of Sonora.

Hiking trails are spread everywhere across the mountains. There is something for everyone in the Sonora Pass region, as there are all kind of trails, easy, intermediate and high elevation and also long day adventures. One of the best trails to hike is Sugar Pine Railroad Trail.

It is a one way, 2.8 mi/4.5 km, moderate trail with an elevation gain of 500 ft/152.4 m. This trail follows the old Sugar Pine Railroad, which was used for delivering timber from remote areas of the forest to several sawmills. Nowadays it makes an excellent hiking trip, due to its gentle grade.

The beginning spot is at the Fraser Flat Road trailhead and the trail goes about 2.5 mi/4 km down to the river. Then follow it upstream on the south side of the river. It goes about 2.8 mi/4.5 km up to the connection with Old Strawberry road.

That it is another 1.5 mi/2.4 km farther on the road to finally reach Strawberry Store, where you can buy an ice cream or snack, before heading back.