Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Umatilla Rock Trail, Wenatchee, Washington USA

Trail length:
Best hiking time:
April through July
Wenatchee is the largest city of Chelan County, located in North Central Washington and lies on the west side of the Columbia River. The city is also known as the Apple Capital of the world, due to the valley's apple cultivations.

During the Great Missoula Floods, at the end of the Ice Age period, Dry Falls were the largest in water volume waterfall in the world. Today, the falls are a dry, impressive huge basalt rock with a wide desert meadow. There are a few ancient ponds at the base, rich in colourful birds and insects.

The trail is 5mi/8km long, (loop hike), about three hours hike, with minimal elevation gain. Umatilla Rock is like a giant shark blade in the middle of Grand Coulee, with an important geological significance. The best time to hike this trail is from April through July. Umatilla Rock trail is an exciting and interesting hike, certainly worth visiting, suitable for all skill levels.