Surfing in Keokea Beach Park, Kapaau, Hawaii USA

Skill level:
Wind direction:
West, Southwest
Kapaau is a small village, located at the northern tip of the island of Hawaii in North Kohala District. The king's Kamehameha statue is in the center of the village, who was the first to establish the unified Kingdom of Hawaii.

With a parade through the town in June 11th, in Kapaau village, locals celebrate Kamehameha Day. Keokea Beach Park beach is located at 3 mi/5 km away from Kapaau village, a beautiful coast where you can camp, surf or have a picnic. The sea is not suitable for swimming because the water is very rough, but that makes it suitable for experienced surfers only.

The sea is reef-rocky with a reef coral bottom and sharp rocks. The quality of the wave is normal with a powerful and long draft. Wind direction is from west, southwest and the size of the swell starts working at 1.5 m/5 ft and holds up to 2 m+/6 ft+.

During weekends, the beach is not very crowded. Surfers should be careful of sharp rocks and a quite strong sea current, where they have to paddle around it. For accommodation you can either stay in Hilo Town or, if you would like to be closer to the Beach Park, at Kapaau village.