Racing in Killarney, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa

Race Track Length:
3.3km/2mi road course
Without doubt, Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world boasting striking mountains, a long stretch of the Atlantic Ocean coastline and an intriguing working harbour. Located at the shores of Table Bay in the Western Cape province of South Africa, it enjoys an ocean Mediterranean climate, with mild moderately wet winters and dry warm summers.

Drag racers are in for a treat at the Killarney Motor Racing Complex, in about 30 minutes from Cape Town. The track has existed time immemorial in a different variety of forms, until it was upgraded to a F1 racing track in 1960 and hosted its first F1 international Grand Prix.

The race track is an approximate 3.3 km/2 mi road course long, with 5 main turns and 9 corners. The fast drivers are offered a drag day monthly opportunity to show off their fast skills, using their own road legal cars mostly on the main circuit. There is a 13 second rule according to which once you breach it and go faster, you get disqualified for safety reasons. The vehicles need to pass a safety check before participation.

Attire recommended are a reasonable crash helmet, long pants and long-sleeved shirts for both the driver and any passengers.