Quad Biking in Escape Raid Trail, St Pée sur Nivelle, Aquitaine France

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Located in the heart of the Basque country, St Pée sur Nivelle is a beautiful traditional village in the south west of France. Surrounded by dense forest, near Nivelle river with its white sand beach and very close to the Atlantic Ocean beaches, this place is a paradise for those who want to combine a visit in the amazing French countryside with enjoying various outdoor activities.

With more than 100 km/62.1 mi long of well marked trails, one of the best ways to discover the area and the mountains around, is to plan an organized tour with quad bikes. The Escape Raid Trail starts from St Pée sur Nivelle village and takes you and your friends in an exciting exploration adventure in the wild nature.

Riders will drive through the wonderful Ainhoa village and onto the heart of the mountain massif, rich in wildlife and lush forests. At a maximum height of 600 m/1968 ft asl, you can stop and admire breathtaking views of the countryside. The trail is approximately 45 km/28 mi long, about three hours of quad biking fun, with technical and trial zones, uphills and downhills as well as free open areas, suitable for all skill levels and ages.


The experienced tour guides would lead you safely through the woods and explain everything you need to know on the way. The best season for this adventure is from Spring through Autumn, where you can enjoy the blooming forest and the warm Mediterranean climate.

So pack your bags and good spirits and prepare yourself for an amazing quad biking adventure through the unspoiled French mountains. The quad bikes are automatic and you can choose to either ride alone on a single seated bike or with a passenger in a two seated bike.