Motocross in Hell’s Gate Track, Barga, Tuscany Italy

Skill level:
Professional and advanced
Best riding season:
All year round
Barga is an artistic medieval town, located in the province of Lucca in the region of Tuscany, in central Italy. The city that grew as a castle, surrounded by walls, was founded by the Lombards. During the Middle ages, the spot was famous for manufacturing and exporting high quality silk threads.

Today, Barga is a famous tourist attraction for those who want to make a journey back in time, by visiting ancient castles and cathedrals, taste the great Italian food and enjoy vibrant cultural events and festivals. But there is more to this place than just castles and trattorias. Just a few minutes away from the serenity of the small town, the Pania della Croce mountain, part of the Apuan Alps dominates the surrounding wild nature with lush forests, fresh water streams, huge chestnut and olive trees, perfect for various outdoor activities.

And this is the place where the gates of Hell open for those enduro riders, who are willing to go through them. Hell’s Gate was invented by an Italian extreme enduro rider, who designed through the rough mountain an endless network of tracks, considered to be as one of the most extreme trails to ride in the world. Suitable only for very advanced and experienced riders, with maximum technical and physical difficulty, the trail offers heart stopping challenges through waterfalls, steep stony ways, crazy downhills, muddy uphills and blind turns inside the breathtaking forest.

One of the most intense enduro races takes place on the spot every February, where the most skilled enduro riders of the world gather to compete each other. It is an unpredictable race in two phases. The first phase is a preliminary race in the morning when after elimination, the first 30 classified riders enter the second and hardest phase during the night. Very few manage to finish in the end. Hell’s Gate is a must ride for the enduro enthusiasts throughout the world and an adventure that offers maximum adrenaline’s rising. Prepare yourself to get down and dirty in a place that is the symbol of modern extreme for motor sport fans.