Bungee Jumping in Veglio Mosso, Biella, Piedmont Italy

Opening :
2 March
In the heart of Biellese Alps, between Milano and Turin, in Veglio-Mosso area, the Colossus Bridge, one of the oldest fixed objects for Bungee Jumping in Italy is standing still by seducing many of the visitors.

If during an ordinary day, a mailman delivers you a package containing a piece of rope, you will then realize that this piece of rope would remind you not only your achievement in the Colossus bridge but, even more, the fillings and the excitement of that day. After all, you are not jumping everyday from an elevation of 152 m/499 ft high bridge!

The Colossus Bridge, in Veglio-Mosso location, in Piedmont region, has become a classic bungee point for the fans, attracting also many aspirants. Counting more than one decade of experience, the training center of the area guarantees, in totally safety, an unforgettable experience! Although its height makes the bridge among the hottest points for bungee jumping, it is not addressed only to adrenaline junkies and to skilled fans but also to beginners. The Jump from Ponte Colossus, in the middle of a breathtaking landscape, can only be an impressive memory!

Swinging between the open blue Mediterranean sky and the famous Italian countryside will be something unforgettable! The next recipient of a rope-package might be you!!!