Bungee Jumping in Aradaina Bridge, Anopoli, Crete Greece

Top height:
Best season:
June to late August
Anopoli Sfakion is one of the most famous and authentic regions in Crete. Located on the southwest side of the island, Anopoli is a small village, lying on a fertile valley at the foot of the White Mountain range.

The amazing natural and wild landscapes of the area offer the visitor the opportunity to enjoy several outdoor activities, swim in pristine beaches, visit ancient ruins, hike onto rocky mountains and get involved with the local culture.

However, one of the main attractions for those who are into extreme sports, is the Aradaina Bridge that stands at 138 m/48.5 ft above the ground. Located at a very close distance to Anopoli village, the gorge under the bridge is the deepest on the island, however suitable for anyone to boost one’s adrenaline levels.

As a result, the highest in Greece and the second highest in Europe bungee jump is available on the spot, awaiting the daring ones for an exciting jump, right into the mouth of the canyon. All safety standards for bungee jumping are applied on Aradaina Bridge that was constructed by the army and can endure up to 30 tones of weight.

Jumps can be performed from June until the end of August and are usually held during the weekends. No previous experience or special gear is needed beforehand and all equipment is provided by the bungee jumping instructors on the location. So prepare yourself for a unique experience and a high adrenaline  jump, deep into Aradaina’s amazing canyon.