Wind Surfing in Elafonisi, Chania, Crete Greece

Waves size:
1-3+m (3.28-9.84ft)
Wind strength:
4 to 7 Bft
Water temperature:
12-26°C (53.6-78.8°F)
Elafonisi is an island located close to the southwestern corner of Crete island, in Greece. It's an administrative part of the regional unit of Chania. Elafonisi a protected nature reserve and you can walk to the island through the water, given the good weather conditions of the spot.

Elafonisi is a famous destination, a place that looks like paradise. The feeling of being in a south sea lagoon is the reason for its mass tourism indicators. The veil of the wild beauty, the mystery waters, the strange colors and the coves are some of its hidden treasures. On the mainland, at approximately 5 km/3.11 mi from the island, you can find the 17th century Chrysokalitissa Monastery, an Orthodox Christian Monastery, that it took its name after one of the ninety steps leading on the spot, which are said to be golden according to the Cretan tradition.

So, leave prayers aside, it’s time for windsurfing. The wind is waiting for you and the waves keen on challenging your skills. Elafonisi offers the right conditions for windsurf. The waves swell size is from 1-3+m/3.28-9.84 ft, and the wind in the area usually varies from 4 to 7 Bft. The main wind direction is north, south and west. The water conditions are flat to choppy most of the time and the quality is crystal clear. The water temperature is between 12-26°C/ 53.6-78.8°F.

In Elafonisi, you will find windsurf school, with experts at your disposal. They can show you the way to ride the waves and follow the rhythm of the wind.

In Elafonisi, you can find nice restaurants, bars and cafes, where you can spend your free time. Tatse the Cretan food, its really good. Delish your favorite favour coffe and leave your routine behind. Accommodation options are also available.