BMX in Wilson Skate Park, Chicago, Illinois USA

Chicago is the seat of Cook County, Illinois, USA. It is the third most populous city in the US and the most populous city in both the American Midwest and Illinois. Nicknamed as The Second City or Windy City, Chicago is situated on the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan, in the northeastern Illinois.

In Chicago you will come across a great skatepark, the only one in Chicago where demos are held, the Wilson Skate Park. This amazing skatepark is ideal for BMX riding.

It is a big concrete park and is 1/2 street course and 1/2 transitions. The features of the park are the kind that any BMX rider will love! They are divided into skate and urban. Skate features are a street course, a mini ramp, a quarter pipe, a bowl and spine, while the urban features are stairs, rails, curbs and others. The bowl is big and has a pool coping. The park is popular to many BMX riders, so it might get crowded at times.

Make sure that safety comes first, as helmets and other protective equipment are suggested due to the high crash factor. In general, it is a great skatepark that is in good condition, so make sure to keep it that way. If you are fan of big jumps and tricks, this is the place for you!