Wind Surfing in The Cove, Sandy Hook, New Jersey USA

Wave Type:
Wave Direction:
Good Swell Direction:
Southeast, east, northeast
Good Wind Direction:
Northwest, north, west
Sandy Hook is a barrier spit, approximately 6 mi/9.6 km in length and varying between 0.1 mi/0.16 km and 1 mi/1.6 km wide in Middletown Township, in Monmouth County, lengthwise the Atlantic Ocean coast of eastern New Jersey. The eastern shoreline consists of public beaches, where many visitors have the opportunity to spend their holidays.

Many water-sports enthusiasts visit this place every year. If you are one of those who have the tendency to exercise challenging activities, The Cove at Sandy Hook is waiting for you. Just imagine yourself windsurfing in this place and let all your negative thoughts fade away.

The spot is considered as an ideal site for windsurfing, especially when the tide is too low at Lot C. Good swell direction is at southeast, east, northeast and the swell size starts working at less than 1 m/3 ft and holds up to 3 m+/10 ft+. The best tide movement is rising and falling. The best wind direction comes from northwest, north and west . While you windsurf, you should take into account, that the bat is very deep (over 30 ft/9.15 m). Also you have to be able to face the large swells and smash waves with strong currents.

Now, that you have all the information you need, you can witness this summer paradise and practice your favorite activity.