Wind Surfing in Nitinat Lake, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada

Water Quality:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
16 - 25 knots / 30 - 46.3 kph
Nitinat Lake is an inlet and large lake on the southwestern coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.The southern end of the lake lies in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, which also includes Nitinat Hill on the lake's northern shore and Nitinat Cone on the southern shore.

Nitinat Lake (also spelled Nitinaht) is one of the most famous Canadian lakes. In order to get there, best means of travel is by 4×4, since you will have to travel about an hour on gravel road. However, you can make it with smaller cars as well. Its unique natural beauty and great weather conditions, make this spot one of the most well-known places for windsurfing. Being one of the world’s ten best windsurfing areas, Nitinat Lake is a paradise you should definitely visit.

It is a tidal, saltwater fjord, 23 km/15 mi in length and 1.2 km/0.14 mi wide, which gives many windsurfers the ability to enjoy their favorite activity with safety and a lot of fun. During summer, Nitinat Lake has some of the most consistent winds in the world. If you start exercising your activity about 10 am to 11 am, the winds will blow from 15 to 20 knots/27.8 to 37 kph. From 2 pm to 3 pm, you will meet the challenge, since it is possible for the winds to peak up 25 to 30 knots/46.3 to 55.5 kph. The lake’s crystal water enables you to surf as fast as you want. The best period to exercise windsurfing is during summer months (May through Sept – July and Aug), as in this period you will find great thermal winds. The wind’s best direction comes from southwest.

Services that you can find in Nitinat Lake are small motels, restaurants, camping areas and gas station. Nevertheless, you can also choose to camp in the Canadian wilderness and feel the comfort of your home sleeping in a tend.