Wind Surfing in Sintra, Lisbon, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Type of waves:
Beach break
Sintra is located near Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. It has become a major tourist center, visited by people from all around the world, especially from those who need a romantic getaway. Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its 19th-century romantic architecture and landscapes.

Sintra is dominated by precipitous mountains and fascinating forests. Moorish castle and Pena palace are one of the reason to visit Sintra. Lying at the foot of the Sintra hills and hearing the call of the Atlantic waves, it’s fascinating. Sintra has beautiful beaches. Some of these are difficult to attain, due to the scarps surrounding them. Some of the beaches are well known by windsurfers.

One of them is  Cascais Guincho beach, part of the Sintra Cascais Natural Park. International contests and championships take place there. The clear water and the beach break waves are ideal for windsurfing. During summer time, strong northern winds making this beach the right place for adrenaline explosion. The winds start to blow from May to October. Water temperatures average is between 13-19 °C/55.4-66.2 °F, and 17-19 °C/62.6-66.2 °F in the summer months.

There are windsurf schools near the spot, available for all kind of windsurfers. In Sintra there are many other activities, like musical events, bar and restaurants and lots of accommodation.