Water Skiing in Reitbahnsee, Neubrandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany

9.5 m / 31.2 ft high
System speed:
30-58 kph (18.6-36 mph)
Reitbahnsee is a lake only at 2 km/1 mi away from the downtown of Neubrandenburg at 142 km/88 mi in the north of Berlin, Germany. Many water ski lovers visit this idyllic small lake, as it offers great conditions for this sport.

A round on the lift has a length of 845 m/2772 ft and the lift is 9.5 m/31 ft high. There is a 5-pole skiers system, which can handle up to 10 trainees at a time, while the speed of the system varies between 30 km-48 mi/h and 58 km-93 mi/h, which are the lowest and the highest speeds.

The life-jackets are required and the courses you will find on the spot include both the equipment and warm wetsuits. On the lift line, you will find 6 different constructions to practice the tricks. In addition to these settlements, there is a camping place, restaurant, playground, water-sports shop and a beach-volley court around the lake, suitable for a wide range of ages and in really nice prices.

However, at only 2 km/1 mi away from the lake, lies the downtown of Neubrandenberg where you can enjoy your vacation, choosing out of a big variety of entertainment options such as restaurants, museums, art galleries and other beautiful sights. You can visit the lake throughout the whole year and if you are lucky, you can attend one of the several annual events that are organized, such as the Halloween event.