Surfing in Crash Boat, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is situated in the northeastern Caribbean and consists of an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands. The climate here is classified as tropical marine climate, with an average temperature of 82.4°F/ 28°C, throughout the year. Although it is a small island, the smallest island of the Greater Antilles, Puerto Rico provides superb natural surroundings, countless adventure experiences and many places of historical interest.

Aguadilla is located on the northwestern side of Puerto Rico and has some of the best surfing beaches along the entire coast. In fact, it was the host city for the ISA World Championship in 1988. Crash Boat Beach or Playa Crash Boat is situated in Aguadilla. Its name derives from the beach’s former use as a military port by the United States Air Force.

If you are looking for a place full of adventure and activities, then Crash Boat is definitely the right choice for you. One of the many watersports on offer is surfing. The beautiful, sheltered beach accommodates surfers of all skill levels. The swell sizes start from 1-1.5 m/3-5 ft and hold up to 3 m/10 ft. Best winds are from the northeast and the ideal swell direction is from the west and northwest. In addition, the best tide movement is rising tide and the ideal tide position is mid and high tide. In summer, the wind blows offshore at 0%, in autumn it blows at 0.4%, in winter at 0.8% and in spring at 0.6%.

Keep in mind that the ideal period for waves is from January to April. There are many surf schools with professional staff and shops to satisfy all your needs, in a short distance drive from the surf spot. Crash Boat is also a great location for scuba diving and snorkeling. Last but not least, apart from surfing, you should visit Las Cascadas Water Park, which is the largest water park in the Caribbean. Note: be careful of rips, sea urchins and rocks.