SUP in Alley 3 Back River, Tybee Island, Georgia USA

Level of experience:
Savannah is the county seat of Chatham County and the oldest city in Georgia, USA. The city was established in 1733 and at the same year it became the colonial capital of the Georgia Province and later the first capital of Georgia. Today, Savannah is a strategic port city, industrial center and a very important Atlantic seaport.

Whether you are looking for a way to relax or you want to spend your time in an adventurous way, Tybee Island is a great option!!

Tybee Island and more particularly the spot of 3 Back River is famous for the experience of SUP. You will find local operators on Tybee Island, who organize tours in the vicinity of Savannah and different other areas. These operators have a huge experience and they are willing to satisfy all your needs.

So, get ready to visit this famous spot and choose whether you want to just warm up, relax, try yoga or immerse yourself in the stunning views of the ocean. During this activity you will have the chance to pass through river ways and admire loads of dolphins, lighthouses, marshes, and ships. Furthermore, SUP can be experienced by all levels of ability.

So, if you want to have a kind of this experience, Tybee island is the place to be!