Skimboarding in Costa da Caparica, Almada, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Maximum swell size:
2-3m (6.5-10ft)
Type of wave:
Skimboard is an extreme sport for those who like surf but they don't want to be far from the sunbathers. It's a game between your board and the thin wash of the previous waves. So, if you want to perform your tricks, you should visit Costa da Caparica.

It’s located in the municipality of Almada along the western coast of Setubal in Portugal. Beach of Costa da Caparica is the largest extensive beach, about 30 km/18 mi long, in Portugal.

It was a fishing village, but now is a tourist destination, where you can enjoy the beautiful beach, walk through the streets and feel the fresh air of the Atlantic ocean. You can visit the old Capuchin Monastery on the cliff above the beach, which was found in 1558.

So, make a prayer and let’s skim-board. The powerful and fast waves, will challenge you in a intense game. For the wind, southeast, east and northeast direction is the best. The northwest, west, southwest and south are the good directions for swell. The swell size starts working at less than 1 m / 3 ft and holds up to 2.5 m+ / 8 ft+. It’s a beach-break with regional classic waves. In summer and spring, the waves swell size is from 1.3-2 m (4-6.5 ft). In winter and autumn, we have bigger waves with swell size from 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft).

In Costa da Caparica, you can find lovely accommodations for your relaxing time. There are other activities that you can do on your spare time.