Skiboarding in Großer Arber Ski Resort, Munich, Bavaria Germany

Elevation gain:
426 m/1397 ft
Runs/ski slopes:
11 km/6 mi
Longest Run:
Osthang slope
Most difficult run:
FIS World Cup Course
Night skiing:
Great Arber (Großer Arber) is the highest peak of the Bohemian – Bavarian mountain ridge and reaches at an elevation of 1456 m/4777 ft height. The spot lies at 197 km/122 mi in the northeast of Munich. Geographically, it belongs to Bohemian Forest, so you might notice that people refer to it as ‘King of the Bavarian Forest’.

It is one of the most famous resorts in the Bavarian Alps. The amazing amount of snow, the perfect organization and planning along with the unique beauty of the Bavarian Alps make it a perfect spot for all kind of sports and especially ski-boarding.

It is regarded as one of the most modern ski resorts in Germany, because of its great services with t-bar lifts, two 6 person chairlifts, 6 person gondola, the ArBaer children’s area with a dwarf garden and four people movers, winter toboggan run with floodlights, ski service and rentals and a fun-park.

The ski slopes/runs are in total 11 km / 6 mi long with the easy ones reaching up to 4 km / 2 mi, (37% of the trails) for beginners, 4 km / 2 mi (36% of the trails) for intermediates and 3 km /1 mi (27% of the trails) for experts.

You may find some additional routes of 5 km / 3 mi long for endless ski-boarding. Total capacity of the lifts is 10930 passengers/hour. Longest run is Osthang slope, a 1.5 km (1640.4 yd) long trail with altitude difference of 426 m / 1397 ft. The elevation gain reaches up to 426 m /1397 feet.

The most difficult run is FIS World Cup Course, a 1 km (1093.6 yd) long trail with altitude difference of 342 m (1122 ft). In this beautiful resort, you can also enjoy your favorite ski-boarding activity in the night and enjoy this breathtaking view under the resort lights.