Skate Boarding in The P.L.O. Skate Club, Brest, Brittany France

Type of terrain:
Indoor and Outdoor
Brest is situated in a sheltered position near the western tip of Breton peninsula and on the western extremity of metropolitan France. The city is in the Finistère department in northwestern France, Brittany. Brest is an important harbor and the second French after Toulon military port. In Brest, you will find a famous incredible castle, standing there since the Middle Ages.

One of the things Brest is popular about is its sporting activity and especially skate boarding activity. There are many places to skate board but one setting apart is P.L.O. Skate Club. It is an awesome skateboarding indoor and outdoor facility, attracting all kind of skateboarders of any level of ability.

It is a membership association so you should be or become a member in order to skate board there.  The indoor terrain is an area of 800 m² /8611 ft² with asphalt smooth, hard and wooden modules.

The indoor facility features are a mini ramp, table with 2 levels ledge flat, downhill and flat down rail, a quarter of 12 m / 39.4 ft hype and corner, curbs, flat bar, pyramid, manual pad, wall or Quarter Pyramid with a gap, euro-gap, flat ledge or down, flat or down rail and incline.

The outdoor park offers a mini ramp with smooth and hard bitumen and wooden cabinet finish. It is a very cool skate-club and you should try it.