Skate Boarding in Vathorst Skatepark, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands

Terrain length:
4000 m² / 43056 ft²
wide mini ramp, quarters, banks, hips, stairs, rails, ledges, a spine, curbs, flat rail, funbox, wallride
Amersfoort is the second largest city and a municipality of the province of Utrecht, located in the central Netherlands. The city is well preserved and is a protective medieval center although it grows rather quickly. It is a very old city that celebrated its 750th birthday anniversary in 2009.

In Amersfoort, you can find one of the largest skate-parks in Europe. The park is 4000 m² / 43056 ft² long and is extremely popular among skate boarders and every board or wheel rider. Due to its characteristics, Vathorst is the perfect place for Skate Boarding.

The entire soil is made out of metal so you can slip easily and perform all the tricks and figures you want. The park is very easy to find as it is opposite to a large mall. The skate park consists of a wide mini ramp, stairs, quarters, ledges, banks, a spine, hips, rails, a half pipe, flat rail, curbes, fun-box and a wall ride.

It is opened to public and there is no entrance fee. It is a skateboarding shrine so if you are a fun of the sport, it will be a crime not to visit this amazing park, even as a spectator.