Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Alaçati Bay, Izmir Province, Aegean Region Turkey

Recommend period:
June & September
Average Water Temperature:
18 - 26°C/64.4 - 78.8°F
Turkish coastline overlooking the Aegean sea is an excellent spot for extreme sports activities. Alaçati Bay, in southwest coasts of Turkey, is an excellent place for kite surfing!

Nearby Izmir town, in Çeşme peninsula, Alaçati Bay is a hot spot zone for kite surfers. In this area the sea is not particularly deep with small, calm waves and suitable wind conditions. Meltemi which is the main wind here is blowing from all over the Aegean Sea and it lasts for the entire summer season.

Meltemi is a strong, constant wind which blows from morning times till afternoon, steadily at 16-26 knots/30-48 kph. The beaches are open and wide and the crystal clear blue waters of Aegean Sea has the perfect temperature. The local schools and rentals offer excellent services.