Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Playa Sotavento, Costa Calma, Canary Islands Spain

Wind speed:
40 kn / 74 kph
Fuerteventura, loosely translated as "Strong Winds" or a corruption of French Forte Aventure (Great Adventure), is one of the Canary Islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa and administered by Spain. Costa Calma is a beach holiday resort town in Fuerteventura, located in the southern part of the island.

When it comes to real kitesurfing experience, Fuerteventura takes the prize. Thanks to its perfect weather conditions, it is aptly considered as the best place to enjoy the thrilling activity of kitesurfing!!

Playa Sotavento hosts international windsurfing competitions for all windsurfing enthusiasts. The beach of Playa Sotavento is also suitable for professional kitesurfers, as well as novices. It is located less than 10 km /6 mi far from the town of Costa Calma, which is an extremely developed area, endowed with many hotels, restaurants and bars.

On this 25 km / 15 mi golden sandy beach the majority of the winds are cross-offshore, and during July to August the wind speed is around 40 kn / 74 kph.

The kiting area is located in front of the Rene Egli center, where there is a tidal, waist -deep lagoon with flat type water. The most appropriate period to learn kitesurfing is from September – June. During January the water temperature is expected around 19°C / 66°F, while in August around 28°C / 82°F.

The spot is addressed to all levels of ability. For a safe and enjoyable activity, there are a lot of kitesurfing schools in the vicinity of the spot, with qualified instructors.

So, if you still feel the burning desire for the experience of kitesurfing, Fuerteventura is waiting for you to discover it and promises to fulfill all your needs!!