January 18 - 19 ALL DAY

San Diego 4 Wheelers Superstition Mountain Run

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5 Runs
Special Events:
The San Diego 4-Wheelers Association, Inc. is dedicated to the promotion and participation in safe and responsible off-highway four wheel drive activities and to the public education on how to properly use and conserve our lands.

It’s time again to join the San Diego 4 Wheelers at one of BFG’s Outstanding Trails at the Superstition Mountains OHV area located near El Centro and Plaster City, CA.

We will have a variety of trails from SUV to Category 5 Runs, Raffle, Food and other special events. Beginners and new jeep owners welcome.

The base camp will be along WHEELER ROAD at the base of the mountain. The ground is firm, level, and there is plenty of room for RV’s and tents, however, there are no facilities of any sort. Pack it in, pack it out. The club will provide porta-potties and a large dumpster for trash. The terrain is desert, so bring firewood if you want a fire. WARNING! Any pallets or wood with nails is prohibited. You will be cited by the Rangers.