Bodyboarding in The Reef, Ericeira, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Maximum swell size:
2-3m (6.5-10ft)
Wind blow:
Best swell direction:
If the man of your dreams is someone who's not afraid of challenges, he wants to live his life with passion and adrenaline, being his second skin, then Reef beach is the right place for you to find him. It's one of the numerous beaches of Ericeira, a village on the western coast of Portugal, located in the municipality of Mafra.

It’s true, in this beautiful beach, you will find body-boarders, the men who break the waves with their bodies. So, guys take your body-board and prepare yourself for an amazing show, because the ladies are waiting! It’s a rocky-reef game with hollow and powerful waves. The swell size starts working at 1.5 m-2 m /5 ft-6 ft and holds up to 2.5 m+ / 8 ft+. The northwest direction is the best for the swell while for the wind the east direction is considered to be as the best.

In summer, the wind blows offshore at 7% and the waves swell size is from 1.3 to 2 m (4-6.5 ft). In spring, the waves swell size is from 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft), most of the times and the wind blows offshore at 24%. In autumn, the wind blows offshore at 30% and the waves swell size is from 1.3-2 m (4-6.5 ft) to 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft). In winter, the waves swell size is from 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft) and at 25% of the time is >3 m (10 ft) and the wind blows offshore at 37%.

There are body-board schools, with experts at your disposal, in case you need. In Ericeira, you can walk through the narrow streets alone or with your company. The villagers are very hospitable and the beautiful buildings of great architecture and full of history are standing there to seduce you. You can visit the museum of Ericeira, or the municipal library and the cultural center. For the fish lovers, there are lots of restaurant, where you can taste good seafood. There are also, other activities and accommodation options.