Paintball in De Plas, Hasselt, Flanders Belgium

4-5 hours
Wooden fences, tower, vegetation high and low, forest
Hasselt is the capital city and municipality of the Flemish province of Limburg. Both the Albert Canal and the Demer River run through the municipality. Hasselt is situated between the Campine region, in the south of the Hesbaye region and in the north of the Demer. The city is also the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion.

If you wish a day full of action, excitement and adrenaline, then paintball is the sport for you and De Plas area is the place to perform this funny activity! De Plas is a recreational area, located in Houthalen-Helchteren. Paintball is ideal for team-building, an exciting day trip or even a bachelor party.

The arena is offered in a beautiful location, offering an up to date equipment and years of experience in its background. The aim of the game is to load your weapon with color filled gelatin balls and try to eliminate the enemy by shooting with your gun, running, hiding, ducking and rising again and jumping.

The terrain consists of two hide fields each with its own features and qualities. The slightly wavy field hosts a low vegetation and you can find cover in a tower, wooden fences and more. The second field is a natural forest where you will find plenty of hiding possibilities. The vegetation is a bit higher in the forest so this will provide you with an excellent natural cover.

There are many paintball types that are offered like the classic capture the flag, defend the flag, guard the president, total annihilation and more. After you finish an awesome game session, you can have a barbeque along with your teammates and the enemy! After all, this is a team player game. Go and enjoy the enthusiasm of a successfully active day.

How to Get to Destination

118.1 miles (190 km), 1 hour 56 minutes
Follow R30. Turn right on Bevrijdingslaan/N351. Continue and follow the signs for E403/E40/A10/Brussel/Veurne/Oostende/Kortrijk/N31. Turn left on Expresweg/E403 signs for Brussel/E40/Veurne/Oostende/A10/Kortrijk. Continue to A17/E403. At the Brugge intersection follow the signs for E 40 to Brussel/Gent. At the intersection 11-17-Groot-Bijgaarden stay right and follow the signs for E40/E19 to E411/Namen/Luik/Antwerpen/Luchthaven Zaventem. Enter E19.Continue to E19/E40. Stay left to continue to E40. Stay right and follow the signs for Luik/Leuven/Brussel. Exit in E314 to Genk/Hasselt/Leuven. Take the exit 29-Houthalen-Helchteren to enter Grote Baan/N74 to Eindhoven. Turn right on Ringlaan. Turn right at Herebaan-Oost. Continue to Weg naar Zwartberg. On the roundabout take the third exit to Binnenvaartstraat. On the roundabout take the third exit to De Plas. De Plas
118.1 miles (191 km), 2 hours 4 minutes
Follow N4. Enter E 25 through the side road Liège/Houffalize/Clervaux. At the Loncin intersection stay right and follow the signs for E40/E42 to E25/E313/Aachen/Verviers/St Vith/Maastricht/Anvers/Prüm. At the Vottem intersection stay right and follow the signs for E313 to Anvers/Hasselt. Take the exit 30-Diepenbeek for N76 to Kortessem/Genk. Turn right at Verbindingslaan/N76. Continue to follow N76. Enter E314 through the side road Brussel/Antwerpen/Leuven.Take the exit 30-Park Midden-Limburg to N726. Turn left on Donderslagweg/N726. On the roundabout take the third exit to Weg naar Zwartberg. On the roundabout take the first exit to Binnenvaartstraat. On the roundabout take the first exit to De Plas. De Plas
Brussels International Airport,
49.1 miles (80.2 km)
Liège Airport,
31.1 miles (49.9 km).

The town has a major train station, but train links are currently neither high speed, nor covering all directions. High speed train stations are closest in Liège and Leuven.

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