Mountain Biking in Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, Arkansas USA

37 mi / 59.54 km
Singletrack, Loop
Elevation Gain:
Top Elevation:
600 ft / 182.88 m
North Little Rock, known as "opposite Little Rock" until the civil war and ''Argenta'' from January 1906 to October 1917, is located across the picturesque Arkansas River in Pulaski County, Arkansas. The state’s 6th largest city includes among others beautiful lakes, magnificent parks, walking and bicycling trails, recreational and entertainment facilities.

CARP Camp Robinson is a 37 mi / 59.54 km trail. It is actually a loop of trails, but the entrance is mainly one. In order to have access to the trails, you should acquire a sportsman’s pass. You can take the pass at the gate M-F from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. You can also buy the CARP membership card for ten dollars from the Arkansas Cycling and Fitness. Trails vary from easy to harder and they are well maintained with decent climbs, offering you some great speed.

The easy trails are the Airport loop, the two bridges and Yucca. The intermediate trails consist of Buddha, Portopotty, Ball of Nails and Advanced Trig. You can start your warm up on the new trail called Turn Turn Turn and then move on to the more difficult ones. Keep in mind that you should have water supplies with you, because there is nowhere to fill up. While entering, it is best to sign in at the fire station for your own safety.

So, if you like to keep things interesting and change up your route every time, there is no better place to visit than Camp Robinson. Just get out and ride!!!

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Maumelle, AR
10.1 mi / 16.25 km, 20 mins
1. Head west on Windwood Ln to Edgewood Dr. 2. Turn right in Edgewood Dr. 3. Proceed to AR-100 W / Maumelle Blvd. 4. Proceed to AR-365 S. 5. Turn left at Trapp Rd. Road partially restricted.
BY CAR FROM Little Rock, AR
10.3 mi / 16.58 km, 23 mins
1. Head north on State Capitol to Capitol Mall. 2. Take the 1st right turn at Capitol Mall. 3. Take the 1st left turn at State Capitol. 4. Take the 1st right turn at W 3rd St. 5. Turn left at Cumberland St. 6. Take the exit toward I-30 E. 7. Proceed to U.S. 65-N (signs for Interstate 40 W). 8. Merge onto I-40 W / U.S. 65-N. 9. Take exit 152B for AR-365 / MacArthur Dr. in Pike Ave. 10. Turn left at MacArthur Dr. 11. Turn right in E Military Dr. Road partially restricted.
BY CAR FROM Jacksonville, AR
17.8 mi / 28.64 km, 27 mins
1. Head northeast on N 1st St toward W Hickory St. 2. Take the 2nd turn left at N 2nd St. 3. Turn left to stay on N 2nd St. 4. Take the 2nd turn right at W Main St. 5. Turn left to enter the U.S. S-167 / U.S. 67-S in Little Rock. 6. Merge onto I-40 W / U.S.-167 S / U.S. 67 S. 7. Keep right to stay on I-40 W , follow signs for Interstate 40 W / U.S. 65 N / 107 N Arkansas / Fort Smith. 8. Take exit 152B for AR-365 / MacArthur Dr. in Pike Ave. 9. Turn left at MacArthur Dr. 10. Turn right in E Military Dr. Road partially restricted. 11. Proceed to 7th St.
Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field,
14.3 mi / 23.01 km
Memorial Field Airport,
63.3 mi / 101.87 km.

The Station Building (with waiting room) is located in 1400 West Markham Street, Little Rock. From there you can use the local shuttle or one of the many cab companies to get to the spot.


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