Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Duck Lake, Angels Camp, California USA

2 miles/3.2 km
7300 feet/2225 meters
Bear Valley is a ski area located near Angels Camp, on highway 4, between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, approximately 3 hours southeast of Sacramento, California, USA.

Near Bear Valley, on Highway 4 lies Lake Alpine about 50 mi/80.5 km from Angels Camp. Elevation of the lake is 7300 ft/2225 m. If you visit Lake Alpine, you should definitely go hiking in Duck Lake. It is a small over 2 mi/3.2 km, round trip. It is a kind of easy hike.

There is some elevation gain and before you reach the meadow on the last part of the trail, it could be a little slippery. The lake might be small, but the beauty is worth your effort. If you go hiking in spring, you can see the blooming flowers on the meadow as a colorful carpet, that covers the west side of the lake.

Throughout summer the meadow stays green. On the north side of the lake there is a large aspen tree. Trailhead for Duck Lake is located at the southeast end of the Alpine Lake.

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