Jet Skiing in Bamburi Beach, Mombasa, Coast Province Kenya

Water Temperatures:
Bamburi Beach is a 20 minutes drive from Mombasa town and 45 minutes from Mombasa International airport. It overlooks the calm waters of the Indian Ocean and within the Mombasa Marine Park. The calm crystal clear waters offers an overwhelming sea experience.The beach is calm due to an offshore reef and during high tides it can get narrow at places and also seaweed infested.

Given that the best months to visit the spot is from January to March, when days are dry and humidity at very comfortable levels, jet skiing in Mombasa is conducted most of the year even during the rainy season.

It should be noted that there are fine days with almost 9 hours of sunshine. Sea temperatures are warm and range between 28-29°C/82.4-84.2°F. It’s worth getting on the jet skiing adventure and be able to discover one of the many hidden creeks behind mangroves and experience the unique freedom of riding through these areas at the Bamburi beach.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Mombasa Airport
23km (14.2 miles) 34 minutes
Head North west from the Airport taking on the Airport Road and then take a turn onto Mombasa Road(A109) and head to Bamburi Beach through the Mombasa-Malindi Highway
BY CAR FROM Mombasa Railwa Station
14.1km( 8.7miles) 19 minutes
From the Railway station, head toward Mlango wa Papa rd, take the 2nd exit on the first round about onto the New Nyali Bridge and take on the Mombasa-Malindi Highway on to Bamburi Beach.
Moi International Airport Mombasa,
23KM ( 14.2 Miles)

Mombasa Railway station is located in the city center. From the station, one can hire a taxi or board on the public means (matatus) to Bamburi Beach side.


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