Wind Surfing in Seaside Park, Ocean City, New Jersey USA

Wind Speed:
from 25 kph/15.5 mph up to 50 kph/31 mph
Best Wind Directions:
North, northwest, west, south
Seaside Park is a borough in Ocean City, New Jersey, United States. Although it is not one of the biggest areas of New Jersey, Seaside Park hosts many visitors every year.

Seaside Park has proved to be a great spot, where you can exercise and learn windsurfing as well. So, if this activity is in your interests, you just have to visit this spot and try to windsurf.

The water north of the pier is waist deep for 100 yd/91.5 m out. You can launch from any side of the fishing pier and be able to stand one mile out. South of the pier there is a nice sand bar. As for beginners, it will be better to avoid launching with offshore winds. Also sea breezes in this area are very common. The best wind direction is from north, northwest, west and south.

Apart from the windsurfing reputation that this place has, it also offers array of family resorts, restaurants and lovely shops to its visitors. With all these amenities, located just a few steps away from the beach, you can obviously combine pleasure with adventure. You can also spend your leisure time either by exploring this place or by relaxing in one of the most impressive hotels, restaurants and accommodations that you will find nearby.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Philadelphia
65,1 miles, 105 km, 1 hour 33 minutes.
Follow the Rte 70 E.
BY CAR FROM Maryland
178 miles, 286 km, 3 hours 19 minutes.
Follow the I_95 N.
BY CAR FROM Delaware
158 miles, 254 km, 3 hours 3 minutes.
Follow the Rte 70 E.
Atlantic City International Airport,
52 miles ( 83, 69 km)
Newark Liberty International Airport,
71 miles ( 114 km ).

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