Skydiving in Ocean City, Worcester, Maryland USA

Highest altitude for jumping:
12.000 ft (3657 m)
High speed:
120 mph/193 kph
GPS Coordinates of the airport:
75°7'26"W, 38°18'37"N
Ocean City also known as OC or OCMD, is an Atlantic Ocean resort town in Worcester County, Maryland, United States. It is widely known as the most appropriate tourist destination. Being Maryland's second most famous and populated place, Ocean City hosts more than 8 million visitors annually.

Ocean City is a place, where you can combine pleasure with adventure and have the time of your life. So, get a move on and visit this place as soon as possible. Stay in the most comfortable hotels, taste excellent cuisine, learn for the history of this place, spend your nights accompanied by the stars and exercise the most exciting activity. Skydiving!!!!

A freefall will let you experience the beauty of skydiving with security and a lot of enthusiasm. After a brief training by a well-skilled staff, you can enjoy the ultimate adventure of skydiving. The Ocean City Municipal Airport, where your activity will take place, is one of the finest airports for skydiving. The Cessna 182 jump aircraft is capable to carry skydivers up to 12000 ft ( 3657 m) in about 15 minutes. So, once the door opens get ready to freefall at 120 mph/193 kph high speed. When your parachute opens, you will be able to admire the spectacular view of the ocean.

After this amazing activity, let’s have a few pints in the numerous pubs that you will find nearby.