Surfing in Bamburi Beach, Mombasa, Coast Province Kenya

Best Months:
December - April and July-August
Wind Breaks:
Up to 3.9 m/12 ft on good days
Bamburi Beach is a 20 minutes drive from Mombasa town and 45 minutes from Mombasa International airport. It overlooks the calm waters of the Indian Ocean and within the Mombasa Marine Park.

The calm crystal clear waters offers an overwhelming  sea experience.The beach is calm due to an offshore reef and during high tides it can get narrow at places and also seaweed infested. The natural coral reef which is between 0.5 km/546 yd and 2 km/1.5 mi makes it a more safe place for surfing within the reef.

Although the climate is easy to take on all year through, the winds along the coast of Mombasa are determined by two major seasons, ie. the kaskazi and kusi. Kaskazi (North – easterly)  normally lasts from march to October, November being the “rainy” period for this season. Kusi (South-easterly) is the more harsher of these two winds, and it lasts from April to September. Even with this weather pattern, it is normal to find days with fine weather with almost 9 hrs of daylight.

All in all at the Bamburi Beach, it is normally calm in the mornings offering the perfect conditions for beginners. However, there are still times for stronger winds and waves for the adrenaline filled experts. Recommeded surfing times are during the low to medium tides. Wave quality can be termed normal with some breaks and a reef-coral type of waves. Best months to go surfing at the Bamburi Beach are between December – April and July – August, when one can get wind breaks of up to 3.9 m/12 ft!

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