Spearfishing in Stony Point, Whyalla, South Australia Australia

Maximum depth:
Whyalla is located on the western shore of upper Spencer Gulf, at 394 km/244 mi in the northwest of Adelaide, in South Australia. Dolphins and bird-life often frequent the waters, while the rocky coastline is a popular destination for fishing tours and spearfishing.

The spot is ideal for divers of all levels of difficulty. Its maximum depth drops at 6 m/19 ft. Whyalla is internationally known as the only place in the world where cuttlefish are migrating in large numbers to spawn. Take a dive between the months of May and August to see thousands of Giant Australian Cuttlefish descend on the rocky coastline between Fitzgerald Bay and False Bay near Whyalla.

Other interesting species that can be observed around Whyalla are the Southern Right Whale and Bottlenose Dolphins! Entry at Stony Point is from the beach, where, right as jump in, thousands of male cuttlefishes can be found fighting or competing to their rivals to mate. During the mating season, the ratio of males to females can reach 11 to 1, which may mean that males attend the entire season while females come and go.

Watch how all those males fight for mating privileges and enjoy their spectacular color displays. Whyalla offers numerous accommodation options, shops, restaurants and training centers for spearfishing. Don’t miss to visit the Maritime Museum and the Whyalla Conservation Park, which is a good spot for seeing some local wildlife, where red and grey kangaroos can be often observed in the park along with more than 80 species of birds.