Shark Diving in Seal Island, False Bay, Western Cape South Africa

Cage Size:
1.5m/5ft - 2.1/6.7ft
False Bay is a body of water characterized by Cape Hangklip and Cape Peninsula, located in the southwest of South Africa. The bay is 30 km/18.7 mi wide, offering a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and wet, damp winters. The east and western shores of the bay are rocky and mountainous with visible peaks rising from the waters, while the northern side comprises a long, curving beach.

Seal Island is without doubt one of the world’s most popular shark enthusiast’s dream. It is the only place where during many days you can have the opportunity to observe various submarine mammals with predatory behaviors.

Shark diving at this spot is organised all year round but the best months to go are between February and September with 95% guarantee of seeing the Great white shark. Warmer summer months for visiting are from October to March, chances are at about 80% to come across such a beast.

Normally the Shark expedition starts at 7:00 and ends at 12:30. Shark diving is conducted in a cage 1.5 m/5 ft wide and 2.1 m/6.7 ft  in height and has ports that allow excellent viewing and photography. Maximum number of persons per dive is 2-3 and you get to stay on between 20-30 minutes. No experience is needed and there is always the crew members who are experienced in shark diving.