Scuba Diving in Glenelg Blocks, Adelaide, South Australia Australia

Maximum depth:
7 m/22 ft
Adelaide, the liveliest city in Australia, is the capital of South Australia state. The city is situated on the Adelaide Plains and more specifically at the north side of Fleurieu Peninsula. Marino is a suburb in the south of Adelaide, sitting on coastal hills and overlooking at Gulf St Vincent. It neighbours with Seacliff, Hallett Cove and Kingston Park.

The metropolitan area of Adelaide is famous for the variety and great number of diving sites it has to offer (you can visit some of the most impressive shipwrecks in the whole world here). The waters have the perfect temperature for scuba diving (warm during the summer and crystal clear during the winter), and are generally friendly and uncrowded.

The Glenelg Blocks, in Metro Coast and actually part of the old Glenelg Jetty, are a series of concrete blocks, laid in the water close to the shore. It is an interesting diving site suitable for divers of all levels, due to the spectacular marine life it hosts in shallow depth. Be prepared to see many wobbegong sharks, old wives, strongies, silver drummers, leather jackets and sweeps.Visibility can be limited due to the Patawalonga outlet especially on rainy days.

Maximum depth: 7 m/22 ft.