Scuba Diving in Mount Irvine Wall, Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago

Skill Level:
All Divers
Best Period:
January to May
Maximum Depth:
15 m/50 ft
Trinidad and Tobago is an island country that is situated just off the coast of northeastern Venezuela. Both Trinidad and Tobago islands surprise visitors with their unspoiled natural beauty that is not found in most of the other Caribbean islands. The climate here is classified as tropical with two seasons annually, the dry and rainy season and the winds are usually influenced by the northeast trade winds. The islands are known not only for their beautiful sandy beaches, but also for their carnivals.

Tobago is an exotic location, where you can lose yourself in the beauty of sandy beaches and pristine waters. But, if you want more than just a tropical holiday destination, then you should definitely visit this amazing island! Mount Irvine Bay is located on the west side of Tobago. Mt. Irvine beach is popular among swimmers and surfers. But that is not all, as the location also offers great dive sites.

Mt. Irvine Wall is one of them. It lies just outside Mt. Irvine Bay and it is characterized by rocks and crevices, where seahorses, Moray eels, octopus, lobsters and spiny crabs find shelter. It is generally considered as a shallow dive, with an average depth of 6 m/18 ft and a maximum depth of 15 m/50 ft. Divers are also able to see sponges and colorful corals, sea anemones, Hawksbill turtles, flamingo tongues, sea snakes, scorpionfish and molluscs.

The spot is suitable for divers of all experience levels, especially for beginners. It is advisable not to walk on the reefs or touch the coral formations. Finally, the best time to visit Mt. Irvine Wall is from January to May.