Scuba Diving in Coleman Shoal, Pulau Tiga, Sabah Malaysia

Dive Depths:
Pulau Tiga is located at 48 km/29.9 mi in the south of Kota Kinabalu and became well known due to the "Survivor" series, hosting the setting of "Survivor Borneo", the first American season of the show. Scuba diving in Pulau Tiga is open to all levels of divers and is a prime location for macro lovers and underwater photography. The spot is believed to have been formed by the eruption of several mud volcanoes and is at 100 m/328 ft above sea level.

Characterized by being a sandbar and abundant marine life, Coleman Shoal is a unique dive site, suitable for the experienced open water diver, located at the north west of Tiga. It has considerable currents with medium visibility and an excellent choice for reef and shoal diving. The spot is a boat entry site of within 10 minutes and is easily accessible.

Marine biology, photography and free diving are activities best enjoyed while diving here. Diving depths range between 15-22 m/49.2-72.2 ft while the visibility ranges between 5-10 m/ 16.4-32.8 ft. Some of the marine life expected here include black sea urchins,several cuttlefish, nudibranch, large Barrel Sponges, lettuce corals, table corals and many more. Best season for diving is between April to August although it is also doable between February to May.