Scuba Diving in The Wall, Long Reef, New South Wales Australia

Depth :
Around 10m/33ft
The wall is located at the north of Sydney Harbour, at the south-eastern end of the Long Reef. This site is considered to be the best reef dive site on the north shore.

It is a boat dive and the common entry is by Fishman’s beach. The depth ranges from 8 m/26 ft to 15 m/49 ft and visibility is pretty good, around 10 m/32 ft or more. Diving is open all year long. Water temperature is up to 21°C/69.8°F degrees in summer and early autumn months and between 14-18°C/57.2-64.4°F in winter.

Divers will have the opportunity to witness an amazing marine life. This spot boasts a wide range of sea life such as blue groper, wobbegong, black cod and Port Jackson sharks. Finally, divers are able to explore the Cathedral Cave which is the biggest of the swim-throughs in Sydney. This beautiful dive site offers a unique experience to divers.

Apart from diving, there is a variety of activities, attractions, restaurants and bars available along Sydney’s northern peninsula.