Scuba Diving in Chole Bay, Mafia Island, Tanzania

Dive Sites:
Kinasi Pass 8m/26ft-25m/82ft, Utumbi 5m/16.4ft-20m/65.6ft, Milimani 5m/16.4ft-18m/59ft, Juani North 5m/16.4ft-25m/82ft, Juani South 7m/23ft-30m/98.4ft
Best Period:
November to April
Night Diving:
At Milimani and at Coral Gardens
Average Water temperature:
26°C / 78.8°F
25m/82ft - 30m/98.4ft
Chole Bay lies on the southeast edge of Mafia Island, at 25 km/15 mi off the Tanzanian coastline, overlooking at the Indian Ocean. Mafia Island is considered to be one of the few uncontaminated coastal areas worldwide and an exquisite scuba diving destination.

Mafia Island presents an incredible marine life with extremely reach biodiversity. The crystal clear waters, surrounding the Island, host an incredibly wide variety of marine plants, fishes and animals. Chole Bay can reach at 30 m/98.4 ft in depth and represents a truly dramatic underwater backdrop with big, wide walls, large coral gardens, amazing reefs full of life and variety. The skilled divers can opt for a deep water experience in quest of great fish such dolphins, sharks, whales.

The entire Island is almost suitable for diving, however, Chole Bay sets apart as the best spot in Mafia Island. Here, the first Tanzanian Marine Park has been established, covering a surface of 822 km²/317 mi². The Archipelago of Mafia presents excellent weather and water conditions with mild climate and an amazing ecosystem, not yet overcrowded by many tourist. It maintains its untouchable environment. This must be what paradise should look like!!!