Parasailing in Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina USA

Wave Quality:
Wave Type:
Wave direction:
Right and left
Folly Beach is a city, situated in Folly island, in Charleston County, South Carolina, United States. Folly Beach is known as one of the most popular spots along the East Coast. In order to satisfy your curiosity, visit this place and enjoy the best holidays of your life.

Folly Beach offers to visitors a lot of amenities and a wide range of the most exciting activities. If you decide to visit this spot, it is strongly recommended to exercise one of the most enjoyable sports, like parasailing. So, prepare yourself for endless entertainment and feel the adventure of parasailing at the highest level.

For your best activity, the spot provides the best conditions. The wave quality is normal and the wind direction is southwest and northwest and the wind speed reaches at 10 knots/18.5 kph.

September is the most appropriate season to practice your favorite sport. In order to combine adventure with pleasure, discover many impressive accommodations, cafes, restaurants and bars nearby.