July 18-July 20 All day

Action sports festival at the Esplanade Financière Sun Life Olympic Park, Montreal

Competitions in:
Freestyle motocross, Skateboard, Fixed gear, Slackline, Longboard, Parkour
Amateur and Pro
Located in the south west province of Quebec in Canada, Montreal is named by UNESCO as the City of Design and is one of North America's leading host cities for international events. As a vibrant city, it offers to its visitors a wide variety of cultural attractions as well as thrilling activities for the extreme and urban sports enthusiasts.

Presented by Amnesia, Jackalope Festival is one of the biggest extreme sport festivals in Canada. The event is taking place at the Esplanade Financière Sun Life of the Olympic park and will be held from July 18 to July 20, 2014. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of action sports that include: Freestyle motocross (Milot Land Tour), Skateboarding (competitions for both amateur and professional athletes), Fixed gear, Slackline, Longboard (slalom), Parkour and best trick BMX.

"Jacalope Festival"In addition, Jackalope Festival will also host the World Cup Skateboadring contest where professional athletes will definitely take your breath away while competing to win a $7,000 grand prize. Entrance is free and open to all and there will be many side events like after parties (18+), video contest screening, live concerts and extreme sports shows-off that will boost your adrenaline levels.

Jackalope Festival

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