Skate Boarding in East Monroe Gap, Chicago, Illinois USA

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Gap, stairs, others
Chicago is the seat of Cook County, Illinois, USA. It is the third most populous city in the US and the most populous city in both the American Midwest and Illinois. Nicknamed as The Second City or Windy City, Chicago is situated on the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan, in the northeastern Illinois.

One popular sport in Chicago is Skate Boarding. If you love to skate, you can do it everywhere. From streets to parks, skateboarders can roll their boards on anything that can be rolled. In Chicago there is a place, where many skateboarders are gathering and practicing their best to jump higher and land on their board.

East Monroe Gap aka Stairwell Gap is not a skatepark as the ones you know. It is not a skatepark at all. It is a gap that is coming off the top of a stairwell that goes into a parking garage.

The run up on the roof of the stairs in front of the entrance is short, but is enough to setup for tricks. Landing is kind of chipped up, but this shouldn’t cause any problems with riding away. Good thing on impromptu skateparks is that they never close!

You can enjoy your favorite sport as long as you want, trying to overcome the gap… Besides the gap, there are also stairs and some other features nearby, as pavements and some benches. If you like to skate free from skatepark obligations, this is the place for you.