Skiing in Granby Ranch (SolVista Basin), Winter Park, Colorado USA

Average Snowfall:
200 in/508 cm
Skiable area:
406 ac/1.64 km²
Vertical drop:
1000 ft/304.8 m
Base Elevation:
8202 ft/2500 m
Top Elevation:
9202 ft/2805 m
Berthoud Pass is located between Idaho Springs and Winter Park and is one of the closest areas in Denver for skiing. It belongs to Boulder County and is just an hour away.

The top of the pass is at 11307 ft/3446 m and has access to a wide array of backcountry stashes. Granby Ranch is located 15 minutes away from Winter Park and 50 minutes away from Denver. Granby Ranch (formerly SolVista Basin) is one of the best places for skiing with average snowfall of 220 in/508 cm and a skiable area of 406 ac/1.64 km².

Vertical drop is at 1000 ft/304.8 m. Base elevation is at 8202 ft/2500 m and top elevation is at 9202 ft/2805 m. Number of trails are 41. There are 6 Progression Parks. Terrains are 30% for beginners, 50% intermediate and 20% advanced. Lifts are 1 triple, 2 surface, 2 quads and 1 double.

Uphill capacity is 6000 passengers/hour. The family-owned resort offers night skiing opportunities. Three terrain parks and designated slopes are fully lit in the evening.