Climbing Walls in Westway Sports Centre, London, London United Kingdom

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London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom and it is situated on the River Thames. The climate here is classified as a temperate oceanic climate, with chilly winters and warm summers. This exciting city is noted as much for its historical buildings, museums, galleries and attractions as for its sports and leisure activities.

Indoor rock climbing is a great way to exercise your body and have fun at the same time, especially on rainy days. The Westway Sports Centre is a popular climbing center, located in London. It offers 350 climbing routes with a range of grades from three to eight on 110 roped lines. In addition, it has 100 boulder problems that are graded using the V system, from V0 to V10.

The spot is suitable for both the novice and experienced climber. Furthermore, the climbing walls reach up to 14.5 m/47.5 ft. Keep in mind that, the center offers all the necessary equipment and qualified instructors are at you disposal. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes. Last but not least, London provides a wide range of accommodation options and a plethora of restaurants and bars that guarantee an unforgettable stay even to the most demanding visitor.