Skiboarding in Phoenix Mountain Alpine Ski Society, Grand Forks, British Columbia Canada

Skiable Area:
150 ac/0.60 km²
Vertical Drop:
800 ft (244 m)
Top Elevation:
4800 ft (1463 m)
Base Elevation:
4000 ft (1219 m)
If you get easily bored and need a change, Phoenix Mountain is the most appropriate place to visit. It is a ski resort in southern British Columbia, near the town of Grand Forks. Although it is a small mountain, it provides the best conditions for your top holidays. The only thing you have to do is to visit this spot and witness this natural beauty.

When it comes to ski resorts, Phoenix Mountain should be the first place to cross your mind. So, let yourself exercise a sport activity with which body, mind and technique skills merge into one, in a place covering all your needs. Feel the adrenaline at the highest level by performing your best skiboarding.

The resort offers a skiable area of 150 ac/0.60 km², a vertical drop of 800 ft (244 m), a top elevation of 4800 ft (1463 m) and a base elevation of 4000 ft (1219 m). The 11 trails, which are tailored to cover all levels of difficulty, are at your disposal. You find 20% of trails for beginners, 50% for intermediate athletes and for ski lovers, 30% of trails are designed especially for them.

With the aid of a well-skilled staff, beginners will be able to practice their sport with safety and fun. The resort offers the unique opportunity to exercise your favorite sport at night. The longest run is 5000 ft (1524 m) and the annual snowfall reaches at 350 in (889 cm). The spot also provides 1 rope tow and 1 t-bar with lift capacity 2,000 people per hour.

After an exciting day, you can spend your time in one of the most impressive cafes, restaurants and accommodations that you easily find nearby.