Rock Climbing in Kichwa Tembo, Tsavo West National Park, Eastern Province Kenya

Difficulty :
Grade :
Class 4-6
Tsavo West National Park is located in the South Eastern part of Kenya, at 240 km/149 mi from Nairobi and 250 km/155 mi from Mombasa. It is 9065 km²/3500 mi² with a spectacular showcase of recent geological activities with vibrant volcanic arena, covered with green hills, lava flows, springs and large permanent rivers.

Tsavo West provides with a magnificent rock climbing adventure with a range of sheer cliffs. Kichwa Tembo is such one rock that rises at 300 m/984 ft and grades range between class 4- 6, according to East African standards.

The walls are covered with in holds and free of vegetation. Though considered to be a difficult climb, it still offers the best and high quality climbing in Kenya.

No pegs required here, however early climbs are advisable, unless one is climbing in the shade. It should be noted however, that one needs to be a member of the Mountain Club of Kenya to climb these rocks and in the case that one is not, you need to get a permit to climb.

Caution needs to be taken as well when approaching the river, because of the presence of hippos and crocodiles whose behavior is unpredictable.