Mountain Biking in Leogang Bikepark, Salzburg, Salzburg Austria

Track size:
220 m²/2368 ft²
Jump height:
2 m/6.6 ft
Salzburg is the capital of the federal state of Salzburg and the fourth largest city in Austria. Salzburg is situated on the banks of the Salzach River at the northern boundary of the Alps. Salzburg is very famous as it is the birth place of the 18th century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Except from that, Salzburg is also known for its big sporting activity.

One very popular sport in Salzburg is MTB Dirt Jumping. The perfect place that MTB Dirt Jumping can be practiced is in Leogang Bikepark. Leogang is only an hour in the southwest of Salzburg. The park opened its gates in 2001 and it has been established as one of the best bike parks in Europe.

It is one of the eleven carefully selected “Kona Groove Approved” bike parks in the world. Regardless the level of experience, the park is suitable for all kind of riders’ novice or experts. The dirt track (Flow Master) is known from the 26th trix contest. It extends along the hillside above the terminal of the lift valley.

You will also find 3 small practice jumps in the lower section of the track. Size of the dirt track is approximately 220 m² /2368 ft² and the jump height is about 2 m /6.6 ft. So grab your bike and ride fast and jump!