Mountain Biking in Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, Jacksonville, Florida USA

Best season:
All year round
Skill level :
Beginners and advanced
Trail length :
Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida State, located on the banks of St. John's River and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. With 300 days of long sunshine, a coastline of over 20mi/32km long, inter-coastal waterways and the largest urban park system in the country, Jacksonville is a paradise and a top destination for outdoor activities and holidays all year round.

Jacksonville has hot humid summers with light thunderstorms during the afternoon hours and mild freezes during winter. The overall temperature varies from 18 to 33°C (64 to 92°F) all year round.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is a city park, located in Mayport and is a pleasant surprise for the visitors as it is an interesting ecosystem, right next to the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. Home to a wide variety of outdoor activities, the park attracts many nature enthusiasts, looking for a bit of an adventure close to the heart of the noisy city.

The park provides with a network of mountain bike single track trails that are nearly 15 mi/24 km long, about one and a half hour biking. The park area is mainly flat with a variety of clay and sandy terrain, offering some technical areas and a lot of switch backs. One of the things that make the park’s trails unique is that riders have to travel for about a mile on the beach, before entering the dense marsh forest.

The mountain bike trails are very well marked and suitable for beginner and advanced riders. You can find maps of the tracks at the entrance of the park. Take water with you, wear a helmet and be careful of the large tree roots.