Mountain Biking in Devils Gully, Adelaide, South Australia Australia

Downhill tracks:
Cross-country tracks:
Adelaide, the liveliest city in Australia, is the capital of South Australia state. It is situated on the Adelaide Plains and more specifically at the north side of Fleurieu Peninsula. Adelaide is a planned city, organized in five squares in the city center and surrounded entirely by a ring of parks. It is well-known for the numerous sports events and art festivals it hosts, as well as for its wine industry, after all, it is the wine capital of Australia.

If you love mountain biking freeride, you should visit Devils Gully, near Kersbrook. There is a great variety of trails you can choose from, depending on your level of competence (from easy to really tough and demanding downhill trails for the advanced rider), but don’t expect to find grade-marked trails here. It’s more like getting out there and exploring.

There are several downhill tracks, addressed to intermediate/advanced riders (lots of obstacles, steep sections, demanding terrain, many jumps, technical sections). If you are a beginner rider, stick to the cross-country trails. As far as distances are concerned, most of the trails will keep you busy for several hours.

Note: DH riders must wear full-face helmets and body armors.