Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Clavey River, Sonora, California USA

9 mi/14.5 km
Sonora Pass is located near Pinecrest, Tuolumne County, California, USA. It is off of Highway about 60 mi/96.5 km east of Sonora.

Hiking trails are spread everywhere across the mountains. There is something for everyone in the Sonora Pass region, as there are all kind of trails, easy, intermediate and high elevation and also long day adventures. One of the best trails to hike is Hull Creek to Clavey River.

If you are looking for solidarity and quiet amid the beautiful, rugged scenery of the mountains, you should definitely follow that trail. It is a 9 mi/14.5 km trail, following the path of the Old West Side Lumber Company’s railroad line. Trails on the railroad line guarantee an easy grade.

This trail, however, is kind of tricky to reach and difficult to follow. In order to pull it through, you must be adventurous enough, have very good, directional skills and always carry a map and a compass or GPS.