Bodyboarding in Paiva River, Castelo de Paiva, Porto and North Portugal

Level difficulty:
Class III
3 hrs
Paiva River is a well-known Portuguese river located in Serra Leomil and more particularly in the perish of Old Pear. The river flows into the Douro in the Castelo de Paiva.

If you ever find yourself in North Portugal, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a new and exciting activity. Hydrospeed, which is a kind of bodyboarding, gives you the chance to descent a river with a lot of excitement. One of the best Portugal rivers for practicing Hydrospeed is Paiva River.

In 9 km/ 5.6 mi stretch, you can have the opportunity to both enjoy yourself and admire the stunning views. Being considered as one of the clearest rivers in Europe, Paiva River attracts many visitors from all over the world. The steep granite laced banks and the dense green vegetation are some of the features  of the Paiva river.

The river has a rocky and narrow bed structure that offers a lot of natural obstacles while descenting the river, including water falls, waves, holes, bends, trees and jumps, which are the ideal features for reaching the success in pinnacle. The level of difficulty at Paiva river is class III and the most appropriate season for trying hydrospeed in Paiva river is from October to June.

So, if you feel ready to start a productive day, North Portugal is the best place to work out!